DLP Property Management prides itself on our commitment to making our residents our number one priority. Recently at our LIVE Marathon Apartment Homes, a multifamily apartment community located in Columbus, Georgia, our team went above and beyond to make very necessary transfer of a long time resident easy and stress free, putting her needs first and WOWing her!

Hyan Yan Yi has been a resident of the apartment community for two decades, which was acquired by DLP Property Management in late December 2017. Unfortunately, this sweet 84 year-old resident was having extensive plumbing issues in her home. Mid-summer, our renovations team began construction on the LIVE Marathon Apartment Homes, addressing plumbing & electrical needs, as well as fully updating vacant apartments at the community. Ms. Yi’s apartment, however, was experiencing some of the worst plumbing issues from prior to the community’s acquisition that needed our focus, and that left her no other option than to relocate. Ms. Yi felt hesitant since she does not speak English and she has no family in the area to take her in during the time needed for the renovation. After 20+ years in the same apartment home, she felt safe and comfortable where she was. The renovations team attempted to resolve the plumbing while she resided in the home, but it was ultimately determined that she needed to relocate.

Recognizing that a change such as leaving your home of 20 years would be a hard pill to swallow and seeing how anxious she was, the DLP team was determined to make her transition smooth. Rather that having Ms. Yi leave, the team had a better idea. “I spoke with the Property Manager and the Regional Manager, and I explained to them the condition of the apartment home and the situation of the resident. We then all decided that we would move her into another apartment home that would give her that comfort that she had within her current residence,” commented Carlos Chirino, Project Leader at DLP Property Management. The resident found a home that she liked and when moving day arrived, Ms. Yi did not have to lift a finger. Carlos’ general contractor, Emory Brown, and his team came together to quickly prepare the home for the resident and move all of her personal belongings in at no charge. Now that is WOW service!

This situation touched not only the resident’s life, but her family’s as well. Ashley Sanchez, LIVE Marathon’s Leasing Consultant, has especially felt the positive sentiments of this. “Her son has expressed to me her overflowing emotions of happiness and how she calls him crying every day since moving in to tell him about something else that made her smile.” Sanchez continued, “Her son said that this is the first time in years that she wants to be at home more than ever.”

Her son has expressed to me her overflowing emotions of happiness and how she calls him crying every day since moving in to tell him about something else that made her smile.”

-Ashley Sanchez, LIVE Marathon’s Leasing Consultant

This is the type of experience that the DLP team wants to give our residents each and every day. The core values of DLP are the mission statement that each team member lives by. “We are consistently striving to showcase the DLP core values in everything we do,” says Amy Barricelli, Vice President of Leasing, Marketing and Revenue at DLP Property Management. “The team at LIVE Marathon Apartment Homes has truly demonstrated the resident-centric approach we pride ourselves on at DLP!” No core value is as important to our residents as our promise to delivering a WOW experience, and Ms. Yi can certainly can attest that DLP delivered a WOW experience for her.