Harlan Krichman

Harlan Krichman

President of Property Management

Harlan Krichman joins DLP with extensive experience and knowledge of the Property Management industry.  Previously, he has helped built a national property management company from scratch and grew from 7,000 apartments to over 22,000 apartments in just five and a half years.  Harlan’s experience and passion for creating a great team and culture has helped him excel in his career.  He strives to create a great experience for both his employees and his residents.  Harlan enjoys creating and implementing efficiencies through technology as well as simplification of policies and procedures to make DLP employees’ jobs easier and more enjoyable which allows them to concentrate on what’s important: our clients.

Harlan graduated from Tulane University in New Orleans, LA with a degree in Political Economics and holds numerous industry accreditations.  In his free time, he enjoys having fun, exercising, reading and anything that his kids enjoy doing.